Nika the Pianist


Nika STROK UNDERWOOD, 15 years old, was born to a Croatian mother and English father, and is the youngest of four children, therefore loved and adored by everyone. Presently with parents living in France during academic year, Nika started with her official piano education only as recently as February 2018.

Her professor, Ms Raminta has finally arrived and immediately saw Nika was talented. This meant the whole world to Nika and she is the happiest person to be able to learn from Prof. Raminta Neverdauskaité who pushed her from a beginners level to do exams in front of a commission of many professionals to pass straight to cycle 2 in Solfeggio and Piano, with which she made a jump of 3-5 years at the very least. This year Nika has finished 1st year of the 2nd cycle.

In this short time Nika has participated in five competitions, three of international standing and two French nationals:

Nika is a native speaker of three languages – Croatian, English and French, and also now learning Italian and German – and always smiling with a sunlit passion for fun and play. She loves nature and everything about it, enjoys drama, horse-riding, free-diving, photography, fossil hunting, mushroom hunting and loves exploring heritage of all environments and countries whilst travelling with her parents. Nika also enjoys an unlikely mix of ballet and judo, contemporary dance as well as folk dancing, ice-skating, artistic roller-skating, inline skating too, skiing ,handball, swimming, baking and “caking”, and enjoys school a lot, especially math and science. Music is great love, being, living. Nika also plays classical guitar, little bit xylophone and percussions, she sings and has also participated in a musical in production and unique representation of Agnès Brosset’s “The Jungle” in Pontivy, Bretagne, France. Piano though is Nika’s greatest love and passion!

Nika, Post-lockdown

Nika has completed her GCSE exams in summer 2021 and has since then completed three A-level subjects this summer (2022), French, Geology and Latin.

Nika has joined Minerva Virtual Academy, where she will study eight more A-levels over the coming two years. Minerva Virtual Academy seems to have the perfect approach for Nika, small classes and online, allowing her to pursue all her passions. Nika will be taking Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, English Language, Maths, and Music in summer 2024. Therefore, she will be ready to enter Cambridge University with 11 A-levels in 2024.

Although Nika will be ready for university at the age of just 16 having completed 11 A-level subjects since Cambridge is her final choice she will have to wait until she is at least nearly 18, due to their rules. However, Nika is very much determined to keep at her studies while adding more practical experiences during this time and dedicate much more of her time to her piano with joy and full dedication.

Nika, the Pandemic & lockdowns

It’s difficult to describe Nika’s life of smiles and interest so we have tried to put summary of her life and interest in the photo gallery below.